Bullpen Bulletins (January 1968)

(It’s Easier Than Thinking Up A New Title!)

ITEM! You asked for it! And now you’ve got it! For the zillions of zingy zealots who can’t get enough SGT. FURY AND HIS HOWLING COMMANDOS, we’ve finally added another block-busting battle bonanza to our lineup named CAPT SAVAGE AND HIS LEATHERNECK RAIDERS! It’s on sale right now, written by Groovy Gary, pencilled [sic] by Darlin’ Dick, and inked by a new Marvel old-timer – or an old Marvel newcomer, if you prefer – none other than SYD (THE KID) Shores who illustrated many of our top strips during the First Golden Age of Comics – strips such as Captain America, The Black Rider, The Blonde Phantom, and other which only Honest Irv remembers! Anyway, if you like Fury, ol’ Savage will boot you outta your fox-hole! So move it, Marvelite, while they last!

ITEM! And, speaking of new titles from the House of Ideas, we’re keeping the great first ish of CAPTAIN MARVEL – featured in MARVEL SUPER-HEROES – on sale for an extra month, to give you collectors an extra thirty days to latch onto this irreplaceable premiere issue. We’ve got might big plans for CAPTAIN MARVEL, so we strongly advise you to get with him now, in order to be in at the very beginning!

ITEM! It’s official! Lonesome GEORGE TUSKA is now back with us to stay! Two-Fisted Mr. T. was one of our mainstays way back when we had some of the most rugged adventure yarns of all. But then he took a long leave of absence to illustrate the Buck Rogers newspaper strip…returning briefly some months back to help us in a pinch! But now, he’s back for good, although we won’t tell you which mags he’s appearing in – we thought you’d get a kick out of searching for him!

ITEM! Yessir! Marvel’s really hitting its stride right now – and remember, this is only the beginning! Those of you who’ve been clamoring for more writers, more artists, and especially more magazines, are in for some very pleasant surprises in the months to come. Not the least of these surprises is our recent acquisition of the talented services of Artful ARCHIE GOODWIN as Marvel’s newest stupefyin’ script-writer! Ol’ Arch had been editor and head writer (No, Irving, that doesn’t mean he wrote on heads!) for another publishing company until recently when he saw the light and entered the sanctified realm of True Believers. He’s cutting his teeth on IRON MAN and the ever-noble SUB-MARINER, but after that the sky’s the limit. Who knows? He may even someday reach the halcyon heights of writing MILLIE THE MODEL!

ITEM! Okay – grab your pencils and get ready for the next assignment. We’ve the latest title of Marveldom for you to memorize. Remember the first two we gave you? We started with RFO (Real Frantic One), to be used by those who buy three or more Marvel mags a month. Then, we segued into QNS (Quite ‘Nuff Sayer), the appellation for those favored few who’ve had one or more letters published on any of our pulsatin’ pages. And now – the third rank of Marveldom Assembled – the three letters which are destined to become an everlasting part of literary lore and legendom – namely, TTB (Titanic True Believer), the hard-earned and well-deserved title for anyone who had ever won a noteworthy, non-negotiable No-Prize! But, we still have a couple of more titles waiting backstage, so don’t miss this page next month, when we clue you in on the munificent meaning of – K.O.F. Till then, back to our itinerant items –

THE WRAP-UP! What say tie the whole thing up with another confusing collection of capricious comments from our light-hearted leader – ? (No, Irving, light-hearted – not light-headed! SHEEESH!)


Every day the mail brings a few requests from our far-flung legions of loyal ones, asking us to explain what in the name of Aunt Petunia the little stamp at the upper right-hand corner of our covers really means. You know, the one that reads: Approved By The Comics Code Authority. Well, just as the motion picture industry has a self-regulatory agency to insure the propriety of its product – so too does the comics magazine industry. Any periodical which might contain offensive or unacceptable material cannot win that little stamp which appears upon all our covers. It’s just as simple as that. Now then, we’ve often been asked how we at Marvel actually feel about having to submit our masterful yarns to an outside agency for approval. Our answer is, we’re delighted to do it. After all, the Comics Code Authority and your batty Bullpen share the same overall objectives – we both want the stories you read to remain within the bounds of good taste. Our creative surge is in no way stifled by this process – our employment of satire is in no way curtailed – and we enjoy the same elements of literary and artistic freedom as any other practitioners of the arts in any other media. The Comics Code Authority asks us to do nothing that we would not do even if they weren’t in existence. So, to those of you who’ve been wondering – that’s the story. And, before we sign off, we’d like to tip our hat to Code Administrator Lan Darvin and his sagacious staff for the truly excellent work they’ve done in a difficult and ofttimes thankless job.

– Excelsior!

Marvelous Mags on Sale Right Now!

NOT BRAND ECHH #6: It’s almost too funny to describe! Our big love-and-marriage issue! Spidey-Man gets engaged – an’ wait ‘til you see to whom! The Human Scorch gets married and meets his in-laws! And don’t miss our most mystical superhero’s rollickin’ romance with a Brand Echh heroine! It’s wild!
FANTASIC FOURS #71: At last we end the sensational saga of the rampaging, run-amok Thing! But, as all true believers know, when Marvel ends something, we manage to do it with – a difference!
SPIDER-MAN #57: The one you’ve been waiting for! A confused, dazed Spider-Man battles the unbeaten Ka-Zar, lord of the jungle – and his saber-toothed tiger, Zaub! Any questions, man?
AVENGERS #48: From out of the night sky comes the grim, dark-clad form of…the new Black Knight! But, does he come as friend – or as foe? The answer’ll really grab ya, tiger!
X-MEN #40: It’ll take more than their dynamic new costumes to help our merry mutants when they meet the most famous monster in history – none other than Frankenstein’s monster! Hooo boy!
DAREDEVIL #35: As if the blistering battle between ol’ Hornhead and the terrible Trapster isn’t enough, we can safely promise you the most unexpected surprises of the year when you reach the end of this landmark issue!
CAPTAIN MARVEL starring in MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #12: This fabulous introductory issue is still on sale! If you can still find a copy, don’t dare miss it! Captain Marvel is destined to become the most provocative superhero of the year – and Gentleman Gene’s awesome artwork is really something else! We kid thee not!
SUSPENSE #98: Iron Man battles Whiplash in the most memorable mishmash of modern mayhem you’ve ever thrilled to! And wait’ll you see Captain America fighting side-by-side with the bludgeoning Black Panther! This is for action-lovers!
ASTONISH #100: The greatest anniversary issue of all! You’ll gape at the earth-pounding battle between the Hulk and Sub-Mariner – all in one double-length tale, as a mind-snapping tribute to Green-skin and our water-logged Subby!
STRANGE TALES #165: Nick Fury faces the power-mad Yellow Claw in a battle to decide the fate of humanity – and there was no name we could give our Dr. Strange epic except…”Nightmare!” ‘Nuff said!
SGT. FURY #50: The Howlers lead the great Allied assault on Tarawa in a desperate attempt to rescue Izzy Cohen – only to find that “On the Beach Waits…Death!” This one you dare not miss!
CAPTAIN SAVAGE #1: The power-packed premiere of a pulse-pounding new battle-mag bombshell – in the great SGT. FURY tradition! It’s destined to become a contemporary combat classic!
MARVEL COLLECTORS’ ITEM CLASSICS #13: Wouldja believe the F.F., ol’ Shell-head, the Hulk, Dr. Strange, and the Watcher – all in one ish Well, you better, frantic one!
MARVEL TALES #12: The mostest in mighty Marvel memorabilia starring Spidey, Torchy, Thor, and the wonderful Wasp – and all for only a quarter! Hooo boy!