Mark’s Remarks – Avengers #283 (September 1987)

I think it’s remarkable (ahem) how I’ve managed to keep my Mark’s Remarks columns virtually free of hype. (Hype comes from the word “hyperbole,” meaning exaggeration for effect, not from “Hyperion,” the titan of Greco-Roman mythology who provided one of the Squadron Supreme with his nom-de-guerre. Since we are not at this time publishing a Squadron Supreme book, the parenthetical aside cannot be considered as hype.) Instead, I’ve tried to use this box of banter to expound on general topics of interest to my comics-reading public. So am I about to ruin my credibility by turning this commercial-free forum into a shameless pitch for your hard-earned shekels (“shekels” being the principal metal currency of the Hebrews)? No, not me. So, until next time, this is Mark’s Remarks signing off.

–Mark Gruenwald­­

Must Read

A conflict of interests is where the private concerns and public responsibilities of a person in a position of trust are at odds. An interesting conflict is where a person’s system of values are put to the ultimate test.

I have a conflict of interests. Captain America has an interesting conflict. My conflict of interests stems from the fact that I am both the AVENGERS editor and CAPTAIN AMERICA writer. To use the letters page to plug a book I have a proprietary interest in I feel is a breach of conduct. Captain America’s interesting conflict is that the very government whose ideals he has represented for decades has put him in a position of being the Captain America they want him to be, or not being Captain America at all. Since Cap feels that to work for the government would make him a symbol of American political reality rather than the American Dream, he decided resign. This month the government has to find someone else to become Captain America.

Now, I happen to think that this storyline in CAPTAIN AMERICA is the biggest thing to happen to the Star-Spangled Avenger in over a decade. But of course I’m biased. However, since I am also AVENGERS editor, and Cap is a member of the Avengers, I feel it behooves me to inform the AVENGERS readership what’s happening to Cap elsewhere, since after the current AVENGERS storyline runs its course in issues #285, Cap’s role in this book will be affected by what happens in his own book.

So, it seems I’m in a no-win situation even as Captain America is. The only thing left for me to do is what Cap did, make a firm decision and stick by it. So I will! AVENGERS readers who don’t currently read CAPTAN AMERICA (you know who you are): Please pick up the current issue for a look at a Captain America you’ve never seen before. I think you might like it.

A Note from the Editor in Chief:

Please ignore Mark’s “conflict of interests” and just go buy an issue of CAP. It does have an “interesting conflict” to say the least. And I certainly don’t mind saying it.