Mark’s Remarks – Avengers #284 (October 1987)

This month’s topic is one that is certain to be on the minds of comics readers anywhere. It concerns the most important problem facing the comics industry in the late eighties, and that is –

We interrupt this installment of Mark’s Remarks so we can bring you the following commercial announcement…

Good news for AVENGERS fans! Beginning this August, you will have three (count ‘em) three Avengers books to look forward to per month. Joining AVENGERS and WEST COAST AVENGERS will be SOLO AVENGERS, a book devoted to solo exploits of all your favorite Avengers past and present who do not already have solo features (namely Cap, Iron Man, and Thor). That’s twenty-five individuals by our count. We’re going to do the book like the old TALES OF SUSPENSE, and TALES TO ASTONISH, of the late sixties, with two different stories in every issue (you know, the way the recently revived STRANGE TALES is doing it.) The lead feature every month will be Hawkeye, who seems to be the Avenger that you readers feel is most deserving of more exposure. The co-feature will be a rotating spot among the twenty-four other living Avengers with Mockingbird, Captain Marvel, Doctor Druid, and the Scarlet Witch among the first Avengers slated to appear. The stories in SOLO AVENGERS are not going to be offbeat, uneventful day-in-the-life tales where nothing significant happens to the hero. Uh-uh, the SOLO sagas are going to be fraught with significant character developments, brand new villains, and heartrending action. In short, these stories may well be the one place all year that Avengers without their own books will be able to strut what they’ve got on their own, and you can bet each hero is going to give it all he/she has! The Hawkeye series will be brought to you by Tom DeFalco (ace THOR writer), Mark Bright (ace IRON MAN penciler), and Joe Rubenstein (ace MARVEL UNIVERSE inker), while the co-features will display the talents of a plethora of creative types. If you’re a fan of either coast’s AVENGERS we think you’re going to like SOLO AVENGERS!

We now return you to Mark’s Remarks which is already in progress.

…chance is for us to all clearly voice our opinions on this subject before the choice is taken out of our hands.

–Mark Gruenwald­­