Mark’s Remarks – Iron Man #209 (August 1986)

Let me tell you something about Michael Higgins. Mike and I go back a few years, 1978 to be exact. He had just started as a staff letterer, I as an assistant editor. He looked like something that staggered off the set of “Woodstock III” and I was a bit lean and scraggly myself back then. We got along for some reason, and were co-perpetrators of a good gag or two. Mike left the production staff mysteriously after a few years, laid low for a time, and then staged a comeback to the editorial ranks of Marvel, first as Bob Budiansky’s right hand man, then Mike Carlin’s – and now he’s one his own as the Special Projects Editor. So what does this have to do with the price of comics in Tahiti?

This. Good ol’ Mike Higgins has agreed to take on some of my editorial overload for the next few months in order to let me get caught up on the humongously time-consuming MARVEL UNIVERSE. Specifically, M.H. is handling the next six issues of IRON MAN, and he’s taking on the editing of my three annuals – IRON MAN ANNUAL #8 (story by Bob Harras, art by Paul Neary), AVENGERS ANNUAL #18 (story by Dan Fingeroth, art by Steve Ditko), and WEST COAST AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 (story by Steve Englehart, art by Mark Bright). What a guy, huh? And I didn’t even have to twist his arm…much.

So let’s hear it for Mikey H., the man who’s cutting me some much-needed slack! You’ll still be able to catch my clever commentary here on the IRON MAN letters page in the interim, but the front of the book is being handled with care by Michael.

–Mark Gruenwald