Mark’s Remarks – Iron Man #218 (May 1987)

Once again I’ll have to make this edition of M’s Rems short to leave room for the annual Statement of Ownership. So, knowing how I like to carry on at great length about almost any comics-related topic under the sun, what topic can I do justice to in half the space (or less) that I usually take up: Oh, gee, I don’t know. How about…the qualifications to be a comic book editor? No, I have plenty to say about that! How about…the best way to submit plots to an editor? Nope, that’s not a short subject either. How about a pointless anecdote about how I collected comics as a kid? Nah…who wants to hear about that?

Okay, tell you what. This is an official invitation for you readers to tell me what you want me to sound off about in future M’s Rems. I write a different one of these essays for the three regular books I edit every month (IRON MAN, AVENGERS, WEST COAST AVENGERS – MARVEL UNIVERSE is not what I’d call “regular”) and so I need thirty-six topics every years. So do me a favor and let me know what you want to know about. If I use your idea, I’ll mention your name. Feel free to send as many topic suggestions as you want. Write “Mark’s Remarks” at the top of the letter so I can easily pull my mail from the stack before I send it along to the rest of the creative team. The future of this column is in your hands.

–Mark Gruenwald