Mark’s Remarks – Iron Man #219 (June 1987)

Okay, for you folks it’s sometime in March, right, but for me it’s just days shy of New Years Day 1987 as I write this on my portable Canon Typestar 6. This year I’m going to have my list of New Year’s Resolutions published in a comic book – that way I’m bound not to lose the list by March. (If you have no interest in reading this list, just clip it out of your copy of IRON MAN and send it to me, okay?)

  1. I resolve to clean my office. At this moment the trash pile of wadded up cover proofs is almost cresting over the top of the elevated platform on which my desk (and Greg’s) sits. A sight gag is fine, but do they always have to exemplify the principle of Maximum Nuisance Value?
  2. I resolve to get MARVEL UNIVERSE on time. Now that it’s been cut back to bi-monthly frequency and Peter Sanderson has assumed all of the writing chores and there’s only a few more issues to come, this shouldn’t be impossible. Of course I’ve said that before.
  3. I resolve to spend more time with my wife, Belinda, and my year-and-a-half-old daughter, Sara. Comics are fun to read, and even more fun to write, but nothing takes the place of having fun with real people. (Besides, they’ll inspire my writing.)
  4. I resolve to answer all of the unsolicited art and writing submissions that I haven’t gotten to since the onslaught of the Deluxe Edition of the HANDBOOK. (This is a topic in itself.)
  5. I resolve to put my cat, Townsend, on a diet. He doesn’t look so lean and mean anymore.
  6. I resolve to be more assertive when it comes to dealing with the thousand and one editorial hassles that crop up constantly. Maybe if I spent less time trying to be diplomatic, I’d have time to get MARVEL UNIVERSE on schedule and answer submissions.
  7. I resolve to read more, practice guitar more, and finish the libretto to the opera I started 15 years ago. If I don’t get more of a break from comics than I’ve had in ‘86, Marvel is going to have one burned-out editor.
  8. I resolve to get my Christmas shopping done in early ‘87. No, really, I mean that this time.
  9. I resolve not to do anything to make my readers think I’m campaigning to do well in any of the fan awards Favorite Editor polls. I mean, I won’t even mention them once. Not even if I finish better than Number Two, as I did this year.
  10. I resolve to think of better topics for my Mark’s Remarks than my New Year’s Resolutions.

–Mark Gruenwald