Mark’s Remarks – Iron Man #223 (October 1987)

I’d like to take this space to publicly congratulate former IRON MAN writer Dennis J. O’Neil, now an editor and writer for another comics company (okay, DC Comics – there, I said it) who was elected Number One Favorite Editor of 1987 in one of the major fan awards presentations. Denny is one of the few people who can legitimately claim to being one of my mentors, he is one of the comics industry’s most formidable talents, and is furthermore one of the most interesting guys I ever shared an office with. Working as his editor on IRON MAN for three years was always a gas (or was it just the Indian food we used to eat on plot lunches?) and I hope circumstances permit us to work together on something again someday. Denny is currently writing what is unQUESTIONably my favorite non-Marvel book (no names, please) and had I only known he had such gripping tales left in him, I would have canned him on IRON MAN rather than letting him leave of his own accord! Denny, you’re Number One Favorite Editor in my book, too.

–Mark Gruenwald