Mark’s Remarks – Iron Man #232 (July 1988)

Last month we bid farewell to longtime penciler Mark Bright. This month we bid farewell to assistant editor Gregory Wright and myself. That’s right – this issue is our last effort on behalf of the armored Avenger. What with my promotion to Executive Editor, I will be gradually relinquishing most of my book-editing assignment to worthy successors in order to concentrate on my new responsibilities (outlined in my M’s Rems in SOLO AVENGERS #7) and to free myself of the stigma of being the hardest working editor in the business. Picking up the editorial reins will be none other than my former assistant editor Howard Mackie, who’s familiar with the Iron guy since assistant editing it with me, and his right-hand man David Wohl. Expect the same standards of excellence from Howard and David as from Greg and me. (Greg remains my aide-de-camp on all my remaining projects – SHIELD, SOLO, BLACK PANTHER, etc.) Maybe, if enough of you demand it, Howard could be coaxed into writing his own version of Mark’s Remarks – Howard’s Harangues?

I sure am going to miss working on the man in metal’s book, having edited it since issue #160, and I’m also going to miss creative kibitzing with David M. And Bob L., perhaps the most conscientious creative team in comics. But all things must pass, as George Harrison once sang. No tears now – we all know iron rusts.

–Mark Gruenwald