Mark’s Remarks – Solo Avengers #4 (March 1988)

Occasionally, I get requests from aspiring writers who want to know exactly what format we like to see plots in. While there’s no strict universally-accepted format (as there is for movie and TV scripts), the basic rule of thumb is this: to double space, put your name/title/book and issue number/page at the top of each page, and to break down the plot page by page. Still confused? All right, here’s an example…the actual plot of the first two pages of this issue’s lead story, which our artist drew the story from!

Tom DeFalco
“The Great Escape”
Plot for 11 pages
Submitted: June 15, 1987

1: Splash panel/credits/title copy/indicia: We open this chapter in the continuing saga of the life of the world’s greatest archer just as our hero is being tossed in the clink. We are deep within a very ornate castle which is located somewhere in France. The “clink” is not quite a dungeon room, but it does have bars on its windows…and the only piece of furniture is a bed. A heavy wooden door will bar the place.

In the opening scene, Hawkeye is being shoved into the room by a few members of Silver Sable’s WILD PACK. (These agents all wear a distinctive costume.) Silver Sable coldly watches the action. Behind Silver is a well-deserved member of the French government. Hawkeye is wearing his mask and his pants. (His boots, gloves, tunic, shirt and weapons have all been confiscated.) In this first panel, Silver will be apologizing for the accommodations, but she hopes that Hawkeye will understand…after all, he has been arrested for murder. (The murder of Trick Shot.)

2.Hawk claims he’s innocent and demands a lawyer.

Silver responds that they are keeping him here…until the French government can sort out all of the messy legal issues…what with Hawk being an Avenger and all. She hopes he’ll enjoy his stay, and the door is slammed on him. No sooner does the door slam, than Hawk looks around the room, and at the bed. It should be real obvious to our readers that he’s already planning his escape. We will follow Silver and her people to a large gym (Please show an outside view of castle before we begin the workout.) where she begins one of her classic work outs. Perhaps we should have her fighting five guys with swords…or, if you prefer, any event, Silver will be involved in a practice session…one filled with a lot of dangerous action. Check her previous appearances for reference. And, while she is so occupied, we’ll get in some exposition, and bring our readers up-to-date on what’s happening…because she’ll be having a conversation throughout the entire scene. She will be conversing with the representative of the French government. It seems the French have hired Silver to get Trick Shot…

And that’s how it’s done. Thanks. Tom – this is the easiest M’s Rems I’ve yet to write!

–Mark Gruenwald­­