Mark’s Remarks – Solo Avengers #14 (January 1989)

My all-mail Mark’s Remarks column in SOLO #11 about the Comics Code, standards of good taste, and self-regulation provoked two more interesting diametrically opposing responses. Here they are:

I just had to respond to the letter from Rick Jones that appeared in issue #11. It’s about time somebody realized that profanity and nudity don’t improve a story. I like to stick to Code comics, but even they sometimes contain offensive language. I thought comic books were one of the few places I could go to escape that kind of thing. However, in all fairness, I must say that there are still several Marvel comics I really enjoy, including this one, that put out good stories that don’t embarrass me.

Liz Hunter
(No address on letter)

If I understand you correctly, you are saying that you believe Marvel Comics are primarily for kids, and if adults want to read them, then these are wholesome stories for  the entire family. GAG ME! Comparing your Code-approved stories with the non-approved is like comparing a THUNDERCATS cartoon with HEAVY METAL (the movie): They’re light years apart. A small amount of vulgarity properly used, does enhance a story’s believability. Because, let’s face it, the world is pretty vulgar. I have no problem with comics incorporating a few object lessons into their stories (don’t kill, don’t do drugs, etc.) but don’t beat us over the head with your high morals, Mr. Falwell, uh, Gruenwald. Oh, and while I’m at it, you only print comics in good taste? These are comics, man, not WAR AND PEACE. None of them are really in good taste. Also, who decides what is good? You? I didn’t realize you had achieved deity status.

I guess the bottom line is: if you want to publish kiddy comics, that’s swell, I’ll even buy some now and then. But keep your mouth off the other books. Because hopefully they are the future of comics.

A1C Dennis C. Balch
Jacksonville, AR

Can’t please everybody, huh?

–Mark Gruenwald