Mark’s Remarks – West Coast Avengers #17 (February 1987)

It’s “All Good Things Must Come To An End” time again. Not to mention the Changing of the Guard. It is with a mixture of pride and regret that I must announce that Howard Mackie, my assistant editor, right hand man, office design consultant and all-around good guy, is being promoted to the position of Managing Editor of Special Projects. That means he’ll no longer be working with me on the AVENGERS family of books, no longer be sharing an office with me (sniff!), and no longer be around trying to make me look good. It certainly has been a gas these past two and a half years, sharing with H – the industry’s first office designed to look like a dungeon (complete with simulated stone walls, rats, bats, nooses, crawling hands, and the ever-popular Chair of Insanity), and then the industry’s first split level office (our desks are currently on a three-foot high platform enabling us to see eye to eye with Jim Shooter – while sitting down!). I hope Howard walks away with as many fond memories of our time together as I do. So let’s all give Howard a hearty farewell from these pages and keep our eyes scanned for evidence of his handiwork elsewhere in the Marvel Universe.

So where does that leave me – assistantless? No quiet. Stepping up to the editor’s platform to co-pilot the AVENGERS books with me is Gregory Wright, formerly an editorial assistant for the Epic line of books. Greg’s raring to go, and anxious to fill the Howard-sized niche in this, the industry’s hardest-working editorial office. Greg, like Howard, cannot stand on the desk platform without bumping his head on the ceiling, so you he’s off to a promising start. Maybe once he gets his bearings, I can coax Greg into telling you a little something about himself in this space. Until then, remember: The Gru/Mac Team is gone, long live the Gru/Wri Team. (Gee, somehow that’s not quite as easy to say! We’ll have to work on that.)

–Mark Gruenwald­­