Mark’s Remarks – West Coast Avengers #20 (May 1987)

Due to the necessity of including the Statement of Ownership on this letters page, I’ll try to keep my Remarks brief. Today’s topic: What is a Statement of Ownership?

What it is is a document that all periodicals are required to publish annually in order to retain their second class mailing permit for subscription copies. Second class postage is a lot cheaper than first class, so it is in publishers’ best interests to comply with the regulation.

Now then, what possible interest is it to you, the reader? Well, if you look at Section 10E, you will know just how well the magazine you are reading is doing sales-wise. Section 10E tells you how many copies were actually purchased, both on the newsstand and at direct sales outlets like comic book stores.Comparing Sections 10Es of various books will clue you in to a title’s relative popularity. If you glance at this book’s Section 10E, you’ll see the West Coast Avengers are quite healthy, Thank you.

And with that brief behind-the-scenes insight, I’m signing off. (See, I can do short ones!)

–Mark Gruenwald­­