Mark’s Remarks – West Coast Avengers #27 (December 1987)

Okay, those of you who skip over this boxful of blatherings to read pithy pronouncements of your fellow readers on the rest of this page, PLEASE READ THIS. What I have to say this month is more important than usual, and requires everyone’s feedback.

We are thinking of changing the title of this magazine. Writer Steve Englehart and I have been discussing what factors may be keeping this team book from being as popular as say, the mutant team books, and one of the things that occurred to us is maybe some potential readers are turned off by the name. Sure, if you live on the West Coast (like Steve does), the words WEST COAST in our title may be an incentive to pick up the book. But what about the rest of the country? Could there actually be people in Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, Texas, or elsewhere who look at the name WEST COAST AVENGERS and think, “I don’t live on the West Coast. Why should I buy the book?” The informal survey Steve and I have been taking at conventions we’ve attended lately hasn’t proven conclusive. We just don’t know if there’s prejudice among out audience to a title with geographic specificity (say that fast three times!)

So Steve and I came up with one alternate title for this book that we like equally as much as its current and original titles. The title is…THE NEW AVENGERS! (After all, they are!) Now what we’d like to do is to throw it out to you, our raucous readership. What’s your choice for the title of this book: WEST COAST AVENGERS or THE NEW AVENGERS? Cast your vote NOW – and if you know anybody who isn’t reading this magazine at present – convince him to vote too! The future title of Hawkeye’s merry band of adventurers is in your hands! (Please be sure to put your address on the letter – not just on the envelope which we throw out when the mail is opened!) Write today – we want to make a decision soon!

–Mark Gruenwald