Mark’s Remarks – West Coast Avengers #34 (July 1988)

I love feedback. That way I know if anyone’s reading what I write. I even like it when people disagree with me, because it sure would be boring if we all thought alike. Here’s some feedback in the “disagree” category.

This letter is in response to your “Mark’s Remarks” column in WEST COAST AVENGERS #29, where you give your opinions on death in the Marvel Universe. You’re a fine one to comment on the subject, since one look at the body count of SQUADRON SUPREME or the Scourge saga will show you worship death as strongly as Thanos.

You state “THE MARVEL UNIVERSE BOOK OF THE DEAD issues are full of these folk who deserve to die. Resurrecting characters like this only makes their histories, powers and motivations even more complicated. These guys deserve to stay dead and there is a special circle in Dante’s Inferno for writers who bring characters back.” You expect me, to believe that all the characters in MU’s Book of the Dead deserved to die? Hobgoblin, Drax the Destroyer, Nighthawk, and a lot of other great characters (including Iron Fist, who isn’t even listed!) deserved to die?! That just shows how incompetent you are. No character “deserves” to die! If his history, powers, or motivations are screwed up that’s the fault of the writers chronicling his adventures. You’ve screwed up Captain America’s history! Does Cap “deserve” to die?

A lot of characters were killed off because writers are too incompetent to use them correctly. Peter David killed off Spider-Man’s greatest foe, the Hobgoblin, in a stupid, implausible manner. Jim Owsley did the same to Iron Fist. Did these characters “deserve” to die? You darn well better not say they did!

Your line about any writer who brings these characters back deserves to burn is insulting! I think there should be a special circle in Dante’s Inferno for hack writers who kill off characters for no good reason than to satisfy their own whims as well as those of all the death-lovers out there.

Admit it, you guys love death! Every time a character dies, you hype it on the cover. “This issue…Someone DIES!!!” I’m sick of it! There’s way too much death in comics! I think a lot of the characters in MU deserve to be brought back to life! What do you think of that?

Danny DeAngelo
So. Boston, MA

I disagree, Danny. What do the rest of you think?

–Mark Gruenwald